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NBER Working Papers and Publications

May 1991Productivity, Market Power and Capacity Utilization When Spot Markets are Complete
with Zvi Griliches: w3697
Our test of price-taking behavior looks at the choice of capacity rather than the choice of output. It is motivated by a complete spot markets model in which goods are distinguished by the selling probabilities in addition to other characteristics. When output is explained by total man-hours and a capacity utilization proxy, the coefficient of the first variable is the elasticity of capacity with respect to fixed labor. Under competition and risk neutrality this coefficient is equal to an average labor share. We use this observation to interpret Abbot-Griliches-Hausman's regressions and to argue that once the capacity utilization proxy is included in the regression, Hall's data at the manufacturing level fail to reject the joint hypothesis of competition and risk neutrality. It is also arg...

Published: American Economic Review, May 1993, (Papers and Proceedings), 83(2),p. 219-223 citation courtesy of

May 1979Measuring the Variance-Age Profile of Lifetime Income
with Ariel Pakes: w0350
This paper presents an operational meaning to the concept of the variance in lifetime income in terms of the discounted variance of T mutually uncorrelated, sequentially realized, random variables. It is then shown how the logical implications of the lifecycle consumption model can be used to estimate this series of variances, called the variance-age profile of lifetime income, and we refer to an earlier paper by Eden (1977) to show how this variance-age profile can be used to compare the riskiness of alternative labor income paths. Finally the estimation technique is applied to Israeli data in order to compare the riskiness of the earnings path of those who attended college with that of those who terminated their education at the high school level in that economy, and to consider data req...


  • Eden, Benjamin and Pakes, Ariel. "On Measuring the Variance-Age Profile of Lifetime Income." Review of Economic Studies, Vol. XLVIII, (July 1981), pp. 385-394.
  • Eden, Benjamin and Pakes, Ariel. "On Measuring the Variance-Age Profile of Lifetime Income." Social Policy Evaluation: An Economic Perspective, editedby Elhanan Helpman, Assaf Razin and Ephraim Sadkaj. New York: Academic Press, (1983).

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