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NBER Working Papers and Publications

May 2019Do Stricter Immunization Laws Improve Coverage? Evidence from the Repeal of Non-medical Exemptions for School Mandated Vaccines
with Chelsea J. Richwine, Avi Dor: w25847
Nonmedical exemptions are widely shown to be associated with outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease. In response to a recent measles outbreak in 2015, California acted to increase immunization coverage by removing all nonmedical exemptions effective in 2016. Employing a unique dataset of county-level vaccination and exemption rates at Kindergarten entry, we exploit the recent policy change in California to estimate the impact of the repeal of nonmedical exemptions on immunization coverage for school-mandated vaccines. Relative to a diverse group of control states, our findings indicate that vaccination coverage increased for all required vaccines following the repeal, ranging from 2.5% for MMR to 5% for Polio. We also find a significant 3.4 percentage-point decline in nonmedical exem...
August 2016Immunization and Moral Hazard: The HPV Vaccine and Uptake of Cancer Screening
with Avi Dor: w22523
Immunization can cause moral hazard by reducing the cost of risky behaviors. In this study, we examine the effect of HPV vaccination for cervical cancer on participation in the Pap test, which is a diagnostic screening test to detect potentially precancerous and cancerous process. It is strongly recommended for women between 21-65 years old even after taking the HPV vaccine. A reduction in willingness to have a Pap test as a result of HPV vaccination would signal the need for public health intervention. The HPV vaccination is recommended for women age eleven to twelve for regular vaccination or for women up to age 26 not vaccinated previously. We present evidence that probability of vaccination changes around this threshold. We identify the effect of vaccination using a fuzzy regression di...
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