Small Differences II: Public Policies in Canada and the United States

Philip Oreopoulos and David Card, organizers

Conference held October 27-28, 2016
Published in July 2019 by The University of Chicago Press, Journal of Labor Economics volume 37, S2
© 2019 by the National Bureau of Economic Research

ISSN: 0734-306X

Table of Contents

Introduction: Labor Markets and Public Policies in the United States and Canada: David Card, Philip Oreopoulos (bibliographic info)
1. How Do the US and Canadian Social Safety Nets Compare for Women and Children?: Hilary W. Hoynes, Mark Stabile (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
2. Push and Pull: Disability Insurance, Regional Labor Markets, and Benefit Generosity in Canada and the United States: Kevin S. Milligan, Tammy Schirle (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
3. Mortality Inequality in Canada and the United States: Divergent or Convergent Trends?: Michael Baker, Janet Currie, Hannes Schwandt (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
4. Long Time Out: Unemployment and Joblessness in Canada and the United States: Kory Kroft, Fabian Lange, Matthew J. Notowidigdo, Matthew Tudball (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
5. Unemployment, Marginal Attachment, and Labor Force Participation in Canada and the United States: Stephen R. G. Jones, W. Craig Riddell (bibliographic info)
6. A Comparative Analysis of the Labor Market Performance of University-Educated Immigrants in Australia, Canada, and the United States: Does Policy Matter?: Andrew Clarke, Ana Ferrer, Mikal Skuterud (bibliographic info)
7. Canada and High-Skill Emigration to the United States: Way Station or Farm System?: Ana Damas De Matos, Daniel Parent (bibliographic info)
8. Local Labor Markets in Canada and the United States: David Albouy, Alex Chernoff, Chandler Lutz, Casey Warman (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
9. Intergenerational Mobility Between and Within Canada and the United States: Marie Connolly, Miles Corak, Catherine Haeck (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
10. Economy-Wide Spillovers from Booms: Long-Distance Commuting and the Spread of Wage Effects: David A. Green, René Morissette, Ben M. Sand, Iain Snoddy (bibliographic info)
11. Different Paths? Human Capital Prices, Wages, and Inequality in Canada and the United States: Audra Bowlus, Chris Robinson, Haoming Liu (bibliographic info)
12. How Skills and Parental Valuation of Education Influence Human Capital Acquisition and Early Labor Market Return to Human Capital in Canada: Michael J. Kottelenberg, Steven F. Lehrer (bibliographic info)
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