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Department of Management
University of Bologna, Italy
Via Capo di Lucca 34 - 40126 Bologna
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Institutional Affiliations: University of Bologna and KITES-Bocconi University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

March 2010Harmonizing and Combining Large Datasets - An Application to Firm-Level Patent and Accounting Data
with Grid Thoma, Alfonso Gambardella, Dominique Guellec, Bronwyn H. Hall, Dietmar Harhoff: w15851
This paper discusses methods for the harmonization and combination of large-scale patent and trademark datasets with each other and other sources of data. Dictionary- and rule-based approaches to the consolidation of applicant names in patent data are presented and shown to have both benefits and drawbacks in isolation. We combine the two methods and develop a set of rules and dictionaries to consolidate European, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and US patent data with firm accounting data. The resulting data encompass about 131,000 patent applicant names from 46 countries, covering 58.8 percent of EPO applications and 50.6 percent of PCT applications by business organizations during the time period from 1979 to 2008. For US data, the resulting dataset includes around 54,000 assignee names...
February 2009Financial Patenting in Europe
with Bronwyn H. Hall, Grid Thoma: w14714
We take a first look at financial patents at the European Patent Office (EPO). As is the case at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the number of financial patents in Europe has increased significantly in parallel with significant changes in payment and financial systems. Scholars have argued that financial patents, like other business methods patents, have low value and are owned for strategic reasons rather than for protecting real inventions. We find that established firms in non-financial sectors with diversified patent portfolios own a large share of financial patents at the EPO. However, new specialized technology providers in the financial area also hold a number of such patents. Decisions on the financial patent applications take longer and they are more likely to be refus...

Published: Hall, B. H., Thoma, G. and Torrisi, S. (2009), Financial patenting in Europe. European Management Review, 6: 45–63. doi: 10.1057/emr.2009.3

September 2007The market value of patents and R&D: Evidence from European firms
with Bronwyn H. Hall, Grid Thoma: w13426
This paper provides novel empirical evidence on the private value of patents and R&D in European firms during the period 1991-2004. We explore the relationship between firm's stock market value, patents, and "quality"-weighted patents issued by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We find that Tobin's q is positively and significantly associated with R&D and patent stocks, but that only those patents taken out in both patent offices or at the USPTO alone seem to be valued. Either forward citations or a composite quality indicator based on forward citations, family size and the number of technical fields covered by the patent are modestly informative for value. Software patents account for a rising share of total patents in the USPTO and EPO. More...

Published: B. H. HALL & G. THOMA & S. TORRISI, 2007. "THE MARKET VALUE OF PATENTS AND R&D: EVIDENCE FROM EUROPEAN FIRMS.," Academy of Management Proceedings, vol 2007(1), pages 1-6.

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